Hurricane information – Learning kids about hurricanes

Have you ever heard of a hurricane?

Yes, a hurricane is a huge storm with speeding winds and lots of heavy rain – did you know that scientists call them tropical cyclones?

They are absolutely massive and can be up to 600 miles across and have strong whirling winds.

These winds can reach speeds of 75 to 200mph.

WOW, that sounds very scary – but how do hurricanes form?

Aaron: Hurricanes form over the ocean water of the tropics – Hurricanes only form over really warm ocean water of 80°F or warmer.

The tropics?

Yes, the tropics is the area near the equator – you know that imaginary line drawn around the center of the earth.

Ah yes – so it’s very warm there? Yes very hot.

Yes very hot.

When warm moist air over the water rises, it is replaced by cooler air.

The cooler air will then warm and start to rise.

This cycle causes huge storm clouds to form.

Did you know there are lots of different parts to a hurricane?

What do you mean?

Well, a hurricane has an ‘eye. An eye?

An eye? Does that mean they can see? I am a one-eyed hurricane, swooosh!

Not that sort of eye – The center of the hurricane is called the eye.

It is very calm – there are no clouds and the area has a very low air pressure.

The most dangerous part of the storm is just on the edge of the eye – it’s called the eyewall – it’s called a wall because it is made up of very heavy clouds.

The wind in here can reach up to 160 mph.

Noone would like to be in the eyewall – it is super dangerous!

There are also parts called Rainbands – these bands can cause massive floods when the hurricane reaches the land– they can drop lots of rain.

We said that hurricanes form over the ocean – so how do they cause so much damage?

When they get lots of powers they can strike land.

The damage is usually caused by massive flooding and a storm surge.

A storm Surge – what’s that?

A storm surge is when the water levels in the ocean rise along coastal areas because of the powerful storm – this can cause flooding – Hurricanes also cause damage with the high-speed winds – these can blow down trees and even blow the roofs of houses!

Sometimes hurricanes can even create small tornadoes as well.

So when do hurricanes strike?

The Atlantic hurricane season is from June 1 to November 30, but most hurricanes occur during the winter months.

The Eastern Pacific hurricane season is from May 15 to November 30.

So how do you know how strong is a hurricane?

Well hurricanes are measured by the speed of the winds within them. For example: Hurricane Category 1 – 74 to 95 mph, category 2 – 96 to 110 mph, Category 3 – 111 to 129 mph, Category 4 – 130 to 156 mph, Category 5 – 157 or higher mph.

So category 5 is the worst?

Yes definitely – One of the worst hurricanes in history was the Galveston hurricane in the 1900s, which devastated the city and killed between 6,000 and 12,000 people – mostly from drowning.

That’s frightening we know.

Well the 1970 Bhola Cyclone that struck Bangladesh killed over 300,000 people.

Cyclones, hurricanes, and typhoons are just different names for the same thing

So how big can hurricanes get?

It can be up to 600 miles across and have strong winds spiraling inward and upward at speeds of 75 to 200 mph.

Each hurricane usually lasts for over a week, moving 10-20 miles per hour over the open ocean.

The largest hurricane on record is Typhoon Tip, which occurred in 1979 in the northwest Pacific.

With a diameter of around 2,220km, it was nearly half the size of the United States!

Do all hurricanes have funny names?

Yes: Then Who names hurricanes?

Hurricanes in the Atlantic are named based on a list of names given by the World Meteorological Organisation.

The names go in alphabetical order – so the first storm of the year will have a name that starts with the letter ‘A’.

There are six lists of names and every year a new list is created.

So the first hurricane of the year could very well be called Hurricane Aaron?

Who are the hurricane hunters?

I didn’t know that hurricanes were so interesting and dangerous – I have heard of hurricane hunters who are they?

The brave “hurricane hunters” work for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Each mission lasts about ten hours, with the crews passing four to six times through the storm.

The planes carry radar, sophisticated computers, and weather instruments that determine characteristics such as temperature, air pressure, wind speed, and wind direction inside the hurricane.

By mission’s end, NOAA can warn everyone in the hurricane’s path.

Wow, they really are brave – so when was the last big hurricane?

Hurricane Andrew was a category 4 hurricane in 2005 James: So it was at the start of the season because it begins with a letter ‘a’.

Now you kids should know all there is to know about hurricanes and your head could very much be whirling like one from all the facts. An important last thing is that when a hurricane hits be sure to be with your family and listen to the government. If you are asked to find shelter go find a proper shelter where you can wait out the storm.

An important last thing is that when a hurricane hits be sure to be with your family and listen to the government. If you are asked to find shelter go find a proper shelter where you can wait out the storm.

Kids and hoverboards – Having to say No to your child

Summer 2015 hoverboard made its first appearance in U.S. We could see celebrities riding around on these futuristic new ride-on-toys which were very expensive. The industry quickly exploded and so did the hoverboards. Our newsfeed was covered with news about this new and unsafe technology that had been starting to have issues with battery and overheating which in some cases burnt down entire houses.

For those economically-challenged families not being able to buy a hoverboard

Economically challenged families were in luck. This gave them the option to say that hoverboards were unsafe and they could for once avoid having to tell their kids the obvious reason to why they were left without one; That they just couldn’t afford this popular new and very expensive toy.

Hoverboard brands started to emerge everywhere and this was the toy on top of every single kid’s Christmas Wishlist. Finally, UL declared a warning and many of the newly started companies disappeared never to be seen again.

A company that took a different approach was Hands Free Segway Reviews who started to test and review hoverboards in order to help customers finding safe products to buy. They have been helping people choose the perfect hoverboard for over one and a half year now and during this time they’ve saved the used hoverboards from their reviews.



Now they have asked us to help them give these used hoverboards as gifts to children of families who otherwise wouldn’t have the ability to afford one.

There are 20 different hoverboards of various colors and they are all fully functioning and safe. Some marks can be found on a few but they have only been used for a few hours.

In order to compete for one of these 20 hoverboards all you have to do is:

  1. Go to our contact page here.
  2. Write a short message telling us about your situation and perhaps a line or two about how much your kid would appreciate it.
  3. Don’t forget to check that your email information is correct. This is how we will contact you by the 15th of march if you are one of the 20 winners.

Hold both your thumbs! We wish that we were able to help everyone but sadly we can’t.

Hoverboard information

For those of you who missed this hyped up new toy. You can read some information about the product from the sponsors of the contest below:

A hoverboard is something many people remember from the movie Back to the future 2. There are these more realistic versions emerging but we aren’t quite there yet, so we have to do with these products which are also known self-balancing scooters.

How a hoverboard work is pretty simple. You have an aluminum frame with two wheels with built-in motors attached to it. A 36V 4.2Ah battery inside the shell which powers the hoverboard and you have one main motherboard and to co-motherboards. The co-motherboards are attached to each side of the board, close to the wheels. These have a built-in level system and then sends the proper adjustment of each side to the motherboard which in return indicates to the motors if they are to speed up or slow down in order to keep the hoverboard in balance.

What made them unsafe in the beginning was new companies without proper knowledge in a combination with smaller factories in China who wanted to make as much profit as possible from a very new technology. This ended up with under dimensioned cables and unsafe wiring of batteries from factories with low-quality battery cells. This was the main reason to why some hoverboards caught fire and there was no fire/heat-resistant plastic on the early models either. This is one thing that the Underwriters Laboratories now strongly encourage manufacturers to implement and if you want to have their approval this is a must.

This ended up with under dimensioned cables and unsafe wiring of batteries from factories with low-quality battery cells. This was the main reason to why some hoverboards caught fire and there was no fire/heat-resistant plastic on the early models either. This is one thing that the Underwriters Laboratories now strongly encourage manufacturers to implement and if you want to have their approval this is a must.

This is one of many things that the Underwriters Laboratories now strongly encourage manufacturers to implement and if you want to have their approval this is a must. They have even come up with a new certificate for these type of e-transportation called UL 2272.

In order to use a hoverboard we as do the law encourage you to always use proper safety gear and read up on the latest legislation in your state.


NBC!! Red nose day!!

General CITY, California. — March 18, 2015 — NBC and the “Red Nose Day” association have chosen 12 destitution battling philanthropies.

The inaugural of Red nose day in the USA on March 18th, 2015 was a grand success.

The cash raised amid Red Nose Day was be utilized to reserve programs that address the immediate needs of kids and youngsters living in neediness in the U.S. what’s more, universally in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The cash was part amongst residential and universal neediness issues. The pre-chosen philanthropy accomplices are Boys and Girls Clubs of America; Charity: water; the Global Fund; Children’s Health Fund; Oxfam America; Feeding America; Gavi, National Council of La Raza; The Vaccine Alliance; Lift; National Urban League; Save the Children and United Way.

“It is a particular honor to have our Red Nose Day endeavors went for helping these incredibly beneficial Charities,” said Paul Telegdy. “We will probably make a phenomenal communicate that is engaging while rousing a level of goodwill and giving that will significantly change the lives of those with the quickest need.”

In the U.K., Red Nose Day has been going for a long time and is a rousing social wonder that joins individuals from varying backgrounds in light of a legitimate concern for sparing and changing lives over the globe. With genius moderators and comics, unique representation satire, clever film spoofs, one-off sitcom reunions and astounding musical exhibitions, it’s no big surprise that this system has been the one of the BBC’s most noteworthy appraised Friday night appears for a long time. Best of all, it’s raised more than $1 billion in gifts so far for associations tending to destitution and hints at no backing off.

“Red Nose Day is practically similar to a national occasion in the U.K. It’s a day of genuine fervor as everybody anticipates it and the whole nation gets included somehow. I’m excited it’s going to the U.S.!.” Said, Sienna Miller

Made by essayist executive Richard Curtis in 1985 (“Love Actually,” “Bridget Jones’ Diary,” “About Time”), the possibility of Red Nose Day was based upon the establishment that broad communications and superstars can raise cash and familiarity with neediness to spare and change a huge number of lives.


“For a long time I’ve wanted for conveying Red Nose Day to the U.S., and I’m excited to the point that we’ve collaborated with NBC, who will make such a splendid showing with regards to on this,” Curtis said. “Experience has shown me how uncommonly empathetic and liberal Americans can be, and I’ve carried on with my life in amazement of American drama ability. So assembling those two things will, I trust, make a stunning occasion that will have a huge effect on the lives of a vast number of kids and their families in the U.S. what’s more, in the poorest nations around the globe.”

Curtis will serve as an official maker for the NBC broadcast (a Universal Television creation), alongside Hamish Hamilton and Ian Stewart of Done + Dusted Productions. Henrietta Conrad and Lily Sobhani will likewise conventional produce. Hamilton is set to coordinate.

Clever Or Die, the honor winning top goal for parody on the web, and maker of great substance over various stages will collaborate with NBC to make unique content for the extraordinary.

What is child abuse? How to prevent It?

Child abuses in America

The injury that these kids have persisted comes at a high cost and we require general society’s backing to keep on investing in our children. The money related expenses for casualties and our group are significant.


* For every 10 Seconds a report has been made regarding Child abuse.

* Everyday more than five kids die because of Child Abuse.

* On an average 80% of the abused children are under 4.

* It is assessed that between 50-60% of deaths because of Child Abuse is not recorded this way on Death Certificates.

* More than 90% of adolescent sexual misuse casualties know their culprit somehow.

* Child abuse happens at each economic level, crosswise over ethnic and social lines, inside all religions and at all levels of instruction.

* Around 30% of mishandled and disregarded kids will later manhandle their kids, proceeding with the loathsome cycle of abuse.

*14% of all men in jail in the USA were abused as kids.

Kids who experience child abuse and disregard are 59% more prone to be captured as an adolescent, 28% more inclined to be caught as a grown-up, and 30% more prone to perpetrate fierce wrongdoing.


*Manhandled kids are 25% more prone to experience high schooler pregnancy.

*Mishandled high schoolers are more averse to practice safe sex, putting them at more danger for STDs.

* 33% to 66% of kid abuse cases include substance use to some degree.

* Kids whose guardians misuse liquor and different medications are three times more prone to be manhandled and more than four times more prone to be ignored than youngsters from non-mishandling families.

Prevent Child Abuse:

Advice from the Child Welfare League of America

– Volunteer your time:  Get included with different guardians in your group. Help susceptible kids and their families. Begin a playgroup.

– Discipline your kids:  Never train your kid when you are vexed. Give yourself an opportunity to quiet down. Keep in mind that discipline is an approach to educating your kid.  Use benefits to energize excellent conduct and time-outs to help your child recover control.

– Analyze your behavior: Misuse is not merely physical. Both words and activities can incur deep, enduring injuries.

– Be a supporting Guardian: Utilize your activities to show kids and different grown-ups that contentions can be settled without hitting or shouting.

– Instruct yourself as well as other people:  Basic backing for kids and guardians can be an ideal approach to anticipating kid misuse.

– Show kids their rights: At the point when kids are shown they are exceptional and have the privilege to be protected, they are less inclined to think misuse is their deficiency, and more prone to report a guilty party.

– Recognize what child abuse is:  Physical, and Sexual mishandles unmistakably constitute abuse, yet so neglects, or the disappointment of guardians or different parental figures to furnish a youngster with required nourishment, apparel, and care.

– Know the signs: Unexplained wounds aren’t the primary indications of misuse despondency. The trepidation of a definite grown-up, trouble believing others or making companions, sudden changes in eating or dozing designs, improper sexual conduct, poor cleanliness, mystery, and antagonistic vibe are frequently indications of family issues and may demonstrate a kid is being dismissed or physically, sexually, or candidly manhandled.

– Report abuse: On the off chance that you witness a kid being hurt or see proof of abuse, or if a child enlightens you regarding abuse, make a report to your state’s kid defensive administration’s division or neighborhood police.

Worried? Pondering what to do?

It happens. Caring kids will become difficult. Discipline them is challenging.

Here are a few thoughts that can offer assistance:

* Discuss sentiments. Consider your kid’s emotions seriously and work through them.

*Utilize firm correspondence. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

* Model the conduct that you seek in them. Children gain from what they see and listen.

*Support your kids frequently and perceive every one’s close to home best.

* Remember, Discipline is a verb signifying “to educate.”

Easy Disciplining

“Stop that crying, or I’ll give you something to cry about!”

On the off chance that you heard this as a kid, you’re not the only one. What was once seen as an honest approach to address a youngster has, luckily, dropped out of style.

In any case, there are those days. Crotchety children will’s identity fulfilled by nothing. Kids acting “ruined.” Kids pushing the points of confinement of what they can escape  Whether the kid is 2 or 15 doesn’t make a difference. It’s baffling, even outrage inciting, for a guardian.

There are answers, and they don’t include custom curriculum or hours of learning. When setting up, they have a twofold reward: they make child rearing less demanding. These thoughts are not in a particular request; they all work together.

Take care of yourself: A guardian who is robust and in any event glad is a good parent. On the off chance that you aren’t in that circumstance, then treat your kid in a different way.However, analyze which measures you can take to make your life happier. This will help you more patient and cherishing when managing discipline.

Understand the way kids should represent their age.

Spare yourself from pointless sorrow. For instance, if your kid’s hand is near to electrical outlet and you slap him a bit hard, It’s good to educate your kid that it will be too hot and it will hurt. But not by slapping!. Child proof your home!

With an inquisitive kid investigating the methods for the grown-up world, why not bolt up the alcohol bureau? On the other hand, choose to have mixed drinks just when you’re out to supper and never at home. Converse with your adolescent about medications in a non-addressing way. Make certain to have that immeasurably vital discuss mindful sexual conduct. This discussion would in a perfect world begin at an early age, when a kid starts getting some information about her/his body parts. Numerous things for which we train our kids are effortlessly stayed away from!

Support amid the great times. Acclaim your kid when he or she is making the wisest decision. Try not to try too hard, with a compliment about each seemingly insignificant detail the youngster does, or it will turn out to be less significant. The familiar saying is valid: it’s simpler to catch flies with nectar as opposed to with vinegar.

Talk about the conduct, not the individual. It breaks anybody’s soul to think they are naturally terrible. Suppose you were grinding away and the supervisor said, “It isn’t so much that the undertaking is that difficult – you’re simply moronic!” Yet we talk that route to our kids when we say, “You’re a whelp today!” or “Johnny is superior to anything you! Why wouldn’t you be able to carry on?”

Help Your Kids Stay Safe While Surfing On-Line

Youngsters ought to never give out their full name, address, telephone number, or where they go to class to anybody they don’t know without a guardian’s authorization. Remind your kids every little thing about them is their private data.

Disclose to your youngsters why it is vital not to volunteer data to any organization or person.

Caution kids that even respectable looking sites won’t be what they seem, by all accounts, to be, nor as cordial as they give off an impression of being. Clarify that somebody won’t be who he says he is on the web. Educate your kids how to be web-sharp.

Offer to be with your kid when he or she is on the web.

Explore programming apparatuses that limit delicate individual data from being transmitted on the web, and devices that screen out material you don’t need your youngsters to see.

Always see a smile on kids face. lets not let the smile fade on the kids face.

Join hands ! lets prevent child Abuse!

Why we believe in Children?

World Vision puts stock in God’s calling to watch over kids, to secure them and help them prosper. We trust that children ought to have full lives. Also, when they do, they laugh, learn, investigate, and appreciate simply being children.

We believe that every child is equally valuable. A unique and beloved child of God. We believe that we can achieve growth and prosperity. Thus, God meant us. One man never stands apart from the other. You learn in connection with the other, with the people around you.

We believe that every human being is valuable and loved in God’s eyes. We have discovered talents that may be developed and deployed. We believe in child-centered education; education where you can be who you are and that’s tailored to what you can. So we are preparing children to take their place in the society of today and tomorrow

When our kids can be themselves; every child feels seen and heard us. They experience freedom and trust and learning to learn with and from each other, at their pace and then at their level. As children discover who they are, what they can and want.

A child is at their pace and can develop their level one “owns” its development process (so far as possible itself has the high responsibility). Of course, here is the desire that the children at least the headline targets to achieve the different subjects.

“As we look into the eyes of a kid, we see a kindred child or little girl of God who remained with us in the premortal life,” said Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. “It is a delegated benefit of a couple who can hold up kids to give mortal bodies to these soul offspring of God. We have confidence in families, and we have faith in kids.”