Why we believe in Children?

World Vision puts stock in God’s calling to watch over kids, to secure them and help them prosper. We trust that children ought to have full lives. Also, when they do, they laugh, learn, investigate, and appreciate simply being children.

We believe that every child is equally valuable. A unique and beloved child of God. We believe that we can achieve growth and prosperity. Thus, God meant us. One man never stands apart from the other. You learn in connection with the other, with the people around you.

We believe that every human being is valuable and loved in God’s eyes. We have discovered talents that may be developed and deployed. We believe in child-centered education; education where you can be who you are and that’s tailored to what you can. So we are preparing children to take their place in the society of today and tomorrow

When our kids can be themselves; every child feels seen and heard us. They experience freedom and trust and learning to learn with and from each other, at their pace and then at their level. As children discover who they are, what they can and want.

A child is at their pace and can develop their level one “owns” its development process (so far as possible itself has the high responsibility). Of course, here is the desire that the children at least the headline targets to achieve the different subjects.

“As we look into the eyes of a kid, we see a kindred child or little girl of God who remained with us in the premortal life,” said Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. “It is a delegated benefit of a couple who can hold up kids to give mortal bodies to these soul offspring of God. We have confidence in families, and we have faith in kids.”

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